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In a plenary session the Chamber of Deputies voted on Tuesday

In a plenary session the Chamber of Deputies voted on Tuesday, March 26, the bill amending the law of September 10, 2009 fixing the minimum wage in industrial and commercial establishments.

The minimum wage has increased from 500 gourdes to 800 in this bill passed in the lower house for companies in the A segment, that is to say:
private electricity production; financial institutions (banks, transfer houses, insurance companies); telecommunications; import-export trade; supermarkets; jewelery stores; Art Galeries ; furniture, office furniture and household appliance stores; computer stores; car rental companies; air transport companies; mail, parcel and cargo companies; gambling businesses (borlette tenants, lottery, casino, etc.); car dealers; communication, advertising agencies and the press (written, electronic, spoken, and televised), except community press; private educational institutions; private academic institutions; private health institutions, doctors’ offices, polyclinics, funeral homes; maritime and airport agencies; liberal professional firms and consultants; Travel agencies ; hotels with 4 hibiscus and more and real estate agencies.

Secondly, the minimum wage went from 400 to 600 gourdes for companies in segment B, ie: buildings and public works (BTP); rental of trucks and heavy machinery; rental of building materials; construction materials transport companies; hardware stores; other financial institutions (co-operatives / caisses populaires, microcredit institutions); Wholesale ; cosmetics and clothing stores; bulk water delivery trade; land transport companies; hotels with 3 hibiscus and less; printing, photocopying, computer graphics, lithography and computer services; hairdressing and massage salons; laundry and dry cleaning companies; extractive industries (mines and quarries); shipping companies; manufacturing industries geared towards the local market, bottling industries for soft drinks, juice, treated water, breweries.

With regard to segment C, the new minimum wage is set at 425 gourdes for the following sectors: restaurants; agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries; agricultural processing industries; retail trade, except supermarkets, jewelery stores, cosmetics and clothing stores; craft and leather goods stores; community press; other non-market services (non-profit organizations, such as national and international non-governmental development organizations (NGOs), foundations, associations, production cooperatives and non-financial services).

In segment E, the minimum wage is set at 335 gourdes for home-help staff.

For the F segment, the new salary wage rises to 750 gourdes for the following establishments: export-oriented assembly industries and other export-oriented manufacturing industries.

The salaries of the G and H segments, which were 400, went to 750 and 600 gourdes respectively.

This bill will be sent to the parliament for voting according to a statement from the lower house.

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